Thursday, June 28, 2018

Wireless Tank Monitors for C.O.D Consumers. Do I Need It?

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Technology is a good thing, but some things need to be left alone. Having an oil company look into your oil tank via a WiFi oil tank monitor and send you text messages and emails for the sole purpose of selling you oil at their convenience may be a bit intrusive. These new wireless LTE tank monitors are marketing tools designed for one sole purpose; and that purpose is NOT to help an unsuspecting customer from running out of oil. It was designed to increase profitability for the oil company.

How does a oil tank monitor increase profits for an oil company? The oil company can monitor your tank and schedule your oil delivery when it's convenient for them. By delivering on days that are more convenient than the oil company, they can save money. In addition, they want to sell as many gallons as possible, so ordering small amounts such as 25, 50 or 75 gallons may be a burden on their delivery system.

Ordering oil on a C.O.D basis has always been about customer choice and convenience; to order oil and have it delivered on your terms.

I'm not saying these wireless oil tank monitors are all bad, but from my experience, C.O.D consumers do not want to be tracked and locked into a single oil company. If they wanted that, they could sign a contract with a full service provider at a higher price. These monitors remove the ability for consumers to shop and compare oil prices.

There are other WiFi tank monitors available on Amazon or Home Depot that do the same job as LTE tank monitors without the monthly fees and without the intrusive customer tracking. There's an added bonus if you have Amazon's Alexa, you simply just ask Alexa how much oil you have!

Order Your "Smart Oil Gauge" Here 

For example: Let's say you have a 1/4 tank of oil, but you are not ready to order oil now. You want to make sure you get the full 200 gallon price break, so you wait a little longer before ordering. You also want to check oil prices from various other dealers on or your local newspaper. In addition, you want to see if there are any promo codes or coupons available. This is why we buy oil on the C.O.D market; we want the best deal we can and choose the oil dealer that fits into our schedule. 

By utilizing an LTE tank monitor where a single company is texting you and pressuring you to order oil on their terms, it defeats the purpose of buying COD oil. You are half way to a full service provider with automatic delivery with those wireless oil tank monitors. And we all know what that does to the price of oil.

Nothing is more accurate and "private" than sticking your tank and using the heating oil tank chart below to see how much oil you have.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Trust. How important is trust, ratings and reviews to you as a consumer?

TRUST. Do You Trust the Company You Do Business With?

How important are consumer ratings, reviews and Better Business Bureau to You? has been built on trust, honesty and transparency since inception in 2001. We are also a trusted, accredited member of the Better Business Bureau. As consumers, we really need to see what "real" people are saying about a company. This stands true for all types of products you may purchase.

A high percentage of consumers look at reviews before making a buying decision. It's a good way to get a better feel for a business before spending your money with them. All consumers may not agree that a company is the best and deserves 5 stars across the board, but you will be able to get a good feel if the majority of consumers rate a company either very good or very poorly.

As far as heating oil goes, we are no exception. Reviews matter. You always want a good oil price, but price should never be the final deciding factor in making a purchase. You should read any reviews about the company first. See how many good reviews versus bad reviews they have. Sometimes it's worth spending a few cents more per gallon to get a reliable company that previous consumers took the time to write good things about.

Many of us read online reviews before we make a purchase. Reviews and ratings are a valuable consumer tool that aids them into knowing how good a product or service is before making a commitment to buy it themselves. has reviews and ratings in several areas so you know they are always fair, honest and most important....REAL. Transparency is a cornerstone of our business, so every review on was submitted by a customer who actually placed an order with us. You can also see reviews for us on the Better Business Bureau website where the BBB manually confirms each review before posting it. You can also see more reviews for on Google.

For individual dealer reviews, you can click on the star ratings on

When checking reviews, make sure you look at other websites aside from the company owned site. Google has a wonderful review program which allows customers to leave a review and companies to respond.

Please check our reviews, then visit to see today's oil prices. You will find some of the best local oil dealers with great reviews and low oil prices.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Is Ordering COD Fuel Oil the Newest Trend? Safest Bet? Most Economical?

After researching many of the "full service" oil Company Websites and heating oil "Institutes". After visiting these Websites you can actually see a pattern.  They all have similar content. They state that "full service" oil dealers offer more choices to their customers than discount fuel oil dealers (C.O.D Fuel Companies). 

I would agree with their statements if we were still in the 1970's. Fortunately, for the C.O.D Oil Dealers and the incredible growth that we've experienced over the last two decades, we offer all of the choices that the self proclaimed "big guys" offer.

In fact, what I've come to realize after watching "our" industry, you will see one particular word that really stands out. The word I am referring to is "Acquisition". In a nutshell, an acquisition happens when one Company purchases another Company. This is common ground within the "full service" oil industry. Trade magazines are filled with advertisements for Companies wanting to acquire others.

Why do we care if one Company purchases another?

It's not for us to say or pass judgment on, BUT; what about the customer? Where have all of their choices gone? With the dozens of acquisitions that happen annually, who does the customer choose?

Take Long Island, NY for example. There was once dozens of large full service oil dealers, all competing with each other. This gave consumers plenty of choices as they had not only a variety of full service Companies to select from, but they also could choose to purchase oil on a C.O.D basis as well. Over the past several years, C.O.D Oil Dealers have seen a constant influx of new customers that have switched from Full Service to C.O.D especially via where tens of thousands of customers have already registered to order oil from their FREE service.

Now, most of the large oil dealers have been gobbled up by the larger ones, thus leaving the unsuspecting customer to deal with the same oil Company that they may have "dumped" from the previous year. From a customers standpoint, if they left one oil Company for another and their new oil Company has been acquired by their old one, not only have they lost their choice, but they are not even aware that they are under a contract with their old Company because there is no disclosure to the customer regarding the acquisition.

Finally, and to my point of this article ( I know, I tend to get carried away), C.O.D Fuel Oil Dealers offer more choices because we are not getting acquired by other dealers, plus new dealers are sprouting up every year. Customers who purchase Discount heating oil have plenty of choices to pick from on

With, you take control of your own oil bill. You can order when you want and how much you want. There are never obligation to fill your tank or sign a contract. You can order online with our easy and safe ordering system and you can pay by credit card or get cash heating oil. The choice is always yours!

It's Time to Tune-Up & Clean Your Heating System


Don't wait until it's cold outside to think about a heating system tune up. Now is the best time to schedule your system check up. Don't let a year go by without cleaning your heating system and replacing your nozzle and filters.

ALSO, it is very important to have the technician look over the entire system while doing the annual maintenance. The main purpose of this maintenance is not only to clean and tune your heating system for optimal efficiency, but also to find potential problems or safety issues before they become a larger problem. The last thing anyone needs is to be without heat on a frigid winter night.

If you live in New York, on Long Island, please visit today to schedule your annual tune up online. Hurry before the early bird specials fly away! also has the best oil prices and oil company's who are competing for your business everyday!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Below FREEZING Weather is expected over the next 7-10 days during the evening hours. PLEASE check your oil tank and order oil on in advance, before you run too low.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Oil Price Increase

Oil Price Increase Alert: As of this post, oil prices are projected to increase approx. 7 cents per gallon. Now may be a good time to order BEFORE prices increase on

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Long Island website partners with Visa

(North Babylon, NY) and UMB Bank have partnered to launch the CODFUEL co-brand Visa® Platinum Rewards credit card.

Qualifying Visa card holders, shop smart by earning rewards points on anything they purchase. Rewards are redeemable towards Free Fuel Oil on Card holders earn 1 point per dollar on all Visa card purchases. For every 5,000 points, card holders receive a $50 certificate in the mail automatically. Visa® Platinum Rewards can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. Every purchase you make all summer can reward you in Winter!

Using the CODFUEL Visa® Platinum Rewards credit card for everyday purchases is an easy way to earn rewards and reduce your heating oil bill. Use your Visa card at the Movies, on Vacation, Dinner, School Shopping & more!

Find out more about the Visa® Platinum Rewards card by visiting

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