Thursday, April 28, 2011

Central Air Conditioning Service

We are proud to announce a NEW service for our members.

Starting today, April 28, 2011, our members can schedule Central Air Conditioning repair service and maintenance just as easily as ordering fuel oil or oil burner repair service.

Please order your Spring Start-Up for your Central Air system early. Before you know it, you will be ready to turn it on for the season and appointments will get backed up.

Check to see if we have Air Conditioning service in your town by clicking this link

Thank you for all of your support over the years!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Someone Worth Sharing

Dear Members,

Many of you over the years have asked me if I could help you find other types of valuable services aside from fuel oil. It is very rare that I would endorse or promote another person, business or product unless I was truly inspired and had a personal experience with it.

That being said, I would like to share a wonderful experience I had with AF Construction. They are experts in cement, brick, stamped concrete, paving stones and all types of masonry work. I contracted them last year to install a paver driveway and walkway at my house. The completed job was so perfect and beyond my expectations, I felt the need to tell you about them.

I was most impressed by their ability to work so patiently with me especially during the designing process. I was pretty intimidated when it came to picking my colors, materials and my final design pattern. This is where “Tony” impressed me the most. He was so helpful and patient during the design process. He put it all into perspective and gave me so many options before the final decision. I went with his recommendations for the entire project, and I am thankful that I did.

This year, I contracted them again to build a fire pit and barbecue in my backyard. I am not so intimidated this time because I know I can rely on Tony to work out the details.

If you are planning any type of work involving masonry such as a driveway, walkway, retaining wall, swimming pool, fire pit or more, you may want to start by calling Tony at AF Construction. His office phone is 631-828-8383 or you can call his cell phone direct at 631-379-6717. I would always recommend getting several estimates when doing any sizable project but Tony is a great place to start (and in my opinion, a great place to finish).

If you had a great experience with a business, please to reply to this message and share your story. Maybe we can all help each other find the best services and decrease the risk of hiring the wrong person.

Thank you for all of your support with I wish you all a very happy and safe spring & summer!

John Franco