Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pure, 100% BioDiesel (B100) is NOW available on

Those of you who are doing their part to go green can now order B100 BioDiesel on in the NYC area. B100 is 100% pure biodiesel. This can be used in your current oil tank right now (even if you have #2 fuel oil in there now), plus it will work with your current heating system without modifications.

B100 Biodiesel is not a petroleum based product so it is safe and also biodegradable and it has no harsh fuel oil smell. It does act as a solvent which will clean the debris from the bottom of your fuel oil tank. It is possible that your oil filter refill may need to be changed after a B100 delivery as it does its job in cleaning the fuel tank.

A FREE OIL FILTER change comes with your first B100 delivery from Tri-State Biodiesel when your order via

Advantages of B100 Biodiesel over standard #2 fuel oil are:

  • It is less toxic than table salt and biodegrades as fast as sugar. 
  • Less expensive price per gallon (up to 25 cents less per gallon)
  • New York State tax rebate of 20 cents per gallon
  • Reduce asthma causing emissions by up to 90%
  • Cleans your oil tank over time
  • B100 is biodegradable and is not a petroleum product
  • Reduces the need for foreign oil
  • Creates American jobs which helps our environment 

To order B100 BioDiesel on, look for Tri-State BioDiesel